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Mother's & babies clinic


On a Tuesday we run a mother's and babies clinic from Ulrich Bartel's Obstetric clinic in Castlebar.  The pregnancy and birthing process places an enormous strain on both mother and baby and some treatment after birth can have enormous benefits for both.



Osteopathic treatment is extremely safe, gentle

and effective during pregnancy. Whilst

pregnant, your body is constantly shifting and adapting to accommodate your growing baby. As your posture changes and is placed under more load, aches and pains can result. Your body releases hormones during pregnancy that relax the connective tissues to prepare for delivery meaning that you have less support and are more prone to injury.



Osteopathy is a very gentle and safe treatment for infants and children. During pregnancy and birth babies can develop strains through areas of their body which can lead to problems that persist after birth. The soft and pliable nature of an infant’s skull allows its passage through the birth canal however this means that it is also vulnerable to strains. Strains through areas of the skull can result in dysfunctions of the cranial nerves leading to colic, reflux, excess wind, feeding difficulties, irritability and sleeping problems. Very gentle manual therapy can help to balance and release problem areas to give symptomatic relief.



Children from infancy through to adolescence can suffer from aches and pains as a result of falls, postural problems, rapid growth and sporting injuries. Treatment of problem areas will assist your child to reach their full potential. Children often seem to bounce back quickly after an injury but problems can remain in the tissues of the body and become apparent later on. An Osteopath will be able to find any problem areas, restoring normal function and thereby preventing future aches and pains.  


At Mid-West Osteopaths we will do a full spinal check and look at the spinal curvatures of children and can detect any abnormal curvatures and leg length discrepancies. Early detection is essential.  We can advise on postural problems and will refer when we feel it's necessary.

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